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    This is kind of vague, but I searched my computer with Microsoft Antispyware Beta AND Spybot Search and Destroy and removed all the threats it showed. Then I restarted my computer immediately after and ran it again. Microsoft Antispyware found nothing, but Spybot found one of the same threats from before: DSO Exploit. I looked this up on the internet and it said it's not harmful to my computer if I have the latest version of Internet Explorer, which I do, but I use Firefox anyway. But it doesn't sound like that program has anything to do with pop-ups, yet I still get them. They're not the same ones every time, but they all say something like adopt.hotbar. They're really annoying and I want to get rid of them! What should I do?
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    Do the steps in the Sticky. If you still have the problem after, post the Hijackthis log.

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