post all of your handing computers shortcuts here


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Same as yours, i think there default settings. I have so many shortcuts on my keyboard i couldn't really explain them all.


cut = ctrl+x
help = F1
select all = ctrl+a
cut = shift+delete
paste = ctrl+ins
switch between open progs = alt+tab
find = F3
start menu = winkey
desktop = winkey+D
minimize all = winkey+M
maximize all = winkey+shift+M
cycle programs in taskbar = winkey+tab

i'll have more later

or you can go here


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same as Bobo and since i have a G15, i got tons of shortcuts...
g1= my documents
g2= calculator
g3= FF
g4= winamp
g5= xfire
g6= aim
etc....would be really long and take 4ever to list them all
(note i have up to 54 programmable keys and more becuase i have different profiles:D but i havnt had time to set them all up:rolleyes: )

i also have shorcuts on my mouse too.
tilt wheel left= Go back one page in FF
tilt wheel right= Go forward one page in FF
(would be the forward and back button but s2pid logitech didnt add the forward button only the back.:mad: )
+ and - buttons= change DPI


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I think there was a thread kind of like this before...

anyway... I have changed my program keyboard shortcuts since then...

Ctrl + Alt + t = Trillion
Ctrl + Alt + d = Rhino 3D
Ctrl + Alt + b = Mozilla Thunderbird
Ctrl + Alt + e = Internet Explorer
Ctrl + Alt + h = HTML Kit
Ctrl + Alt + j = JCreator
Ctrl + Alt + c = MCE application
Ctrl + Alt + m = Microsoft Money
Ctrl + Alt + v = Visual Studio.Net 2003
Ctrl + Alt + a = Magic Application Framework