Post Your Desktop "Background screenshot"


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<Off topic banter>Start-->Run-->msconfig and have a look at the startup tab and uncheck anything you dont want to have start up when you start the computer. If you've got more questsions or require clarification, post a question in</Off topic banter>


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Did you guys just do a printscreen to get those pics of your desktop? How do you dow that cause when hit alt+prtscn keys nothing happens. It appears to not work. Any suggestions?

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That is very hard to do. Just use It's free with big space. (Opt out of all advertisments for your email and you will NOT get spam.) Once its uploaded to your photo album space, you can just copy-paste the IMG address into your post. Or, you could creat a link with the posting tools, and use the URL of the picture in your line of link text, e.g. "here's my desktop".
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for later reference, you dont need a program,,you can just press "PRINT SCREEN,) without pressing ALT,,okey SIR