Power supply going bad?


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My computer has been having this issue increasingly frequently; I think it may be a power supply problem. Sometimes when I turn the computer on, nothing happens. If I remove the power cable from the back of the computer, let the residual charge drain, then plug it back in and push the button, the computer starts normally. No problems once started. Also, I never have to do this more than once to get the computer to start. Does this sound like a bad power supply or a bad switch...or something else?


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they are various reasons why this could be happen before doing anything if its possible test ur sys wit another power supply if the problem persists u might wanna think of changin the psu.. damaged cables could also be the problem... u might also wanna test wit a different cable.... ther isnt much u can really do wit an almost dead psu..


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no power here also

I press the button on my 4 year old Presario and nothing happens. Took the PSU into a shop and owner assured me it was OK. This happened suddenly one morning after computer ran fine the night before. Does the power switch ever go bad? I would like to get it up and running again.