Power supply or something else problem


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Hello! Sorry for bad english. Yesterday I tried to turn on my PC, everything was running smoothly until 10 sec after turning it on, it went off. I tried again but this time the pc was only on for maybe 5 sec. And now it dosen't turn on at all.
I changed the BIOS battery but still got the same problem.
After inspecting my pc more I hear a small high pitch sound coming from my battery every second. And the sounds comes out only when I have the power cable connected.

I forgot to mention that all the fans where running at the start up when I tried to turn on my PC the first time.

My battery is a Corsair AX760


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Sounds like the power supply went out. What you call a battery is actually called the power supply. When you say bios battery are you saying the small round silver battery on the motherboard or the power supply again?