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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras, Webcams and Scanners' started by superflysmith, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. superflysmith

    superflysmith New Member

    Is their any program where I can make my own templates? I want to be able to take pictures resize them however I want and as many pics that I want on an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper. It seems like this would be easy to do but I can't figure it out. Microsoft Word will let you resize however you want but it won't let you place pictures side by side. I have Jasc paint shop which has a few templates and wastes a lot of paper.

    Really what I want is to just drag a picture resize it how I want, drag another one place it next to the first resize it, and so on until I fill up the sheet. I don't need the program to do any enhancing or anything else. Help me someone please.
  2. ak_hitman_47

    ak_hitman_47 New Member

    Adobe Photoshop Cs... You can resize your pictures to the exact size you want them...Hope this helped...
  3. Lorand

    Lorand <b>VIP Member</b>

    ACDSee has a thumbnail printing mode in which you can set everything: margins, image size, gap between images, etc. etc.
  4. aqsg72

    aqsg72 <b>VIP Member</b>

    Agreed, ACDSee is really handy for printing out pictures with your own determined settings :)

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