Problem accessing floppy drive

Discussion in 'General Computer Chat' started by Shane, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Shane

    Shane Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi all,

    im trying to access data stored on a Floppy disk but everytime i try to open up 3½ Floppy (A) i get this damn question.


    well obviusly i dont want to format it because i need some Word files from it but i cant access them :mad:

    What do i do people?

  2. computerhakk

    computerhakk VIP Member

  3. Shane

    Shane Super Moderator Staff Member

    ooh thats just i have to retype the whole damn word documents again :(

    that workaround quotes

    im not even gonna risk that just gonna try and see if i can access it on another machine using Windows 2000 pro tommorow:cool:

    thanks anyway for your reply :)
  4. Holiday

    Holiday New Member

    it's not the drive, this happens to me all of the time. I normally just reformat it, however you could try to look for some file recovery software.
    It also might have something to do with the content on that MS page.. you could try copying the disk through the command line and experimenting on the copy.

    DISKCOPY [drive1: [drive2:]] [/V]

    /V Verifies that the information is copied correct

    The two floppy disks must be the same type.
    You may specify the same drive for drive1 and drive2.

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