Project: Watery


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This project is going to be based around acrylic, and lots of it.

The basic plan is too have the PC parts (inc. water-cooling stuff) in a solid case measuring 320 x 320 x 400 (mm) and then around that box I intend to have a resevior covering both side panels and the front panel. This will be made using 10mm acrylic cut to 45* then cemented together.. The Motherboard will be mounted flat on the top (like a MM Horizon or something). More details >here<

Anyway, I decided to make a start today.. The Radiator will be mounted on the bottom so its gonna need some air flow, so I set about making some legs today. The front of the case will have a 'skirt' so these needed to be quite long. They are made from offcuts of 1" Aluminium...

I started with a pilot hole...

Then drilled out with a 4.3mm hole so it can be tapped to M5. I'm using paraffin as my cutting compound because I was told to..

Then tapped to an M5 thread

All four tapped up...

My machine of choice...

(they were orignally going to be 'ribbed' but the machine wasn't being helpful, so I went for 'smooth!')

And, the finished articles....

(they still need to be fully polished...)

I also can't believe it took me 2 or 3 hours just to do them... :rolleyes:


Next update will be a CAD one...

(Also, I'm gonna need a decent name...)


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Another Mankz project? Yay! I like these! I remember your project with your computer case - was very fun watching it progress. :)


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I spent a good 4-5 hours designing and then cutting these panels out..

They are the Top, Front (still needs etches), Bottom and rear panels. The notches in the front and rear panels are for the motherboard panel, and I havn't made a hole at the back for the I/O ports yet because I don't have an mATX I/O shield to hand at the mo!

They all fit together using a series of male a female teeth as it were... Here are some of them flat together...

A close up of how the teeth fit together.. They are 10mm long and 5mm deep (i'm using 5mm acrylic for these)

The rear panel. I still need to mill the hole for a DVD drive, but I'm still deciding between brands and sizes. The rear PSU port should take basically any PSU (fingers crossed! :dremel:)

And how it basically looks now..

I did do some more work, but unfortunately I also ran out of battery in my camera :sigh:
More progress tommorrow! :thumb:



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Right, I told you all that I ran out of batteries yeserday, so I went down to do some work this afternoon, and took some pics..
Here's how it was as of last night...

So anyway, I pulled out my now defunct Hiper Type-R PSU and took it with me to test fit in the PSU port this afternoon

Fits like a glove :thumb: (I'm relieved becuase I was basing the hole distances on an internet diagram :worried:)

Space is quite tight, but I've quadrouple measured everything and there is enough room for sure in there.. (i'll also be using a slightly bigger PSU)

with the motherboard tray in.. It attaches to the front and rear panels with 8 20mm tabs (4 on each side)

and finally, showing the dimensions..

And last, but not least in the slightest, I need to thank some sponsors!

Firstly, Willie from HWLabs For hooking meup with a special edition Black Ice GT-Stealth 240 radiator. Thanks alot! :thumb::thumb::thumb:

And Mario from Feser 1 for organising a package full of green water-cooling goodness! Thanks indeed! :rock::thumb: :D


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SOoo, after gazing into the chromey-ness for a while, I test fitted it to Watery...

It fits exactly, bar the side panel holes being a few mm to far to one end.. :clap: