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Discussion in 'Computer Cases, Power Supplies and Cooling' started by Phu, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Phu

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    I have an Aspire Chameleon 550W PSU which has a 120mm intake fan blowing down upon my CPU. I was thinking about opening up the PSU (I am fully aware of the safety issues) and simply flipping the fan, essentially making it an exhaust. From what I can gather most people recommend using fans at the back of the computer for exhaust anyway and the aspire has got to be a bad source of dust when used as an intake. Has anyone ever tried this? By the way, I use a Zalman 7700 120mm CPU heatsink and I am not having overheating issues at all.
  2. heinzbitte

    heinzbitte New Member

    So what you are saying is that your power supply takes air from the outside of the case and blows it in?? Wouldn't that blow hot air into the case?
  3. 691175002

    691175002 New Member

    The ATX (or whatever) spec says that the psu should blow air in over the cpu to help cool it. In theory it souds good but they didn't think about the heat the psu would generate. Now most new psu's blow air out of the case because in some cases the air blowing "to help cool the cpu" was actually making it hotter.

    What you have done should be fine and may help too.
  4. Praetor

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    PSUs arent supposed to do that... are you sure the PSU has an intake fan?

    1. What page?
    2. How do fanless ATX compliant PSUs do this?

  5. 691175002

    691175002 New Member

    Well I don't know... I just read it somewhere a while back and put it here. Either way from reviews none of the "silent psu's" can conform to the atx spec and one even blew up:eek: (so much for not emmiting any startling noises of smoke:profl)(that would be from the custom pc december 2004 issue).

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