RAM Question


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I hope this is the right place to post a RAM question...

I have an extra computer that I would like to take the RAM out of, and put some/all of it into another computer I'm using.

How do I know if the RAM I take out of one computer will be compatible with the computer I put it into???
(I recall hearing/reading something about having to use the same kind of RAM...)



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Here's all the information I know how to find:

Computer A = Computer with RAM I want to take out and use.
Computer B = Computer in which the RAM will hopefully be installed.

Computer A:
Brand:Hewlett Packard Pavilion 7420

Computer B:
Brand:Built by someone, given to me.
Memory:64MB 133MHz SDRAM-1 DIMM
Hard Drive:13.6GB ATA-66 (7200 RPM)
Processor:733MHZ Intel Pentium 3
Controller Card:Ultra ATA-66 32bit local bus integrated controller

I hope this is enough.


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1. A tad more information would be useful.. have a go at CPUz (from http://www.cpuid.com ) and check under the memory tab for mor information

2. In *general* if the memory fits, you can install it but get back with more info first :)


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Here's what the RAM says in the computer I want to add to:

MT8LSDT864AG-133C7 PC133-333
US 9951AANEM.011
64MB, SYNCH, 133MHz, CL3


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Ok that's what i was looking for. Both sets of ram are PC133 and so they should be compatible. There's one catch: there are different specs and revisions of PC133 which are not compatible with each other (and there are those that are compatible). How to tell? In general, if it fits (NORMALLY, not backwards and WITHOUT excessive force) then it should work.