Replacing "Clock" battery - How?


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:confused: I just got this Toshiba Satelite 470 CDT pretty cheap on Ebay for use with my construction records, etc (no internet use). I have a new main battery ordered, but it says the "internal battery" is "not there" (thats the screen report).

I have a new "clock battery" ordered (I'm not getting the "resume" one that saves RAM when changing batteries). The company says it is on the motherboard. Can anybody tell me how to find out how to do this on the web, or just give me some pointers? Is there an easy way to get to it or is this a big mistake to try?

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Unless you're qualified to open the laptop case then you should have it done professionally. Cracking open a laptop is a little more complicated than a desktop. I know a place in Birmingham, AL you can ship it to if you want to PM me. But I'm sure there are local shops that can do it.