SDcard formatting not possible after taking out battery while processing


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I have a Problem with my sdcard.
256gb lexar 663x 95mb/s.
I cant format the sdcard.
Here is a screenshot of the disk management;

SdCard was used in my Sony Alpha 6300a.
Friend of mine used it and after taking some photos, the data from the SdCard was no longer readable.
The camera gave him a message, that he must format the SdCard - same when we inserted the card in my laptop.
Somehow tho, the files could be imported with the windows photo app.

After that I formatted the SdCard with NTFS on my laptop.
Once done, inserted it back in the cam.
While she was restoring the data - which took forever - i got impatient and tried to switch it off.
She didnt let me.
I took out the battery while the cam was processing..
I know.

Fast forward this is what it tells me in the Disk Manager.
When trying to clean the card with diskpart, this error message shows up;

"Error in DiskPart: The request could not be executed because of an I / O device error.
Refer to the system event log for more information."

Pls, how can i fix this? and dont be too cruel in the replies lol


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Not much you can do, sounds like the card is damaged. Try using a different utility to format the card to make sure its not an issue with Diskpart.


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If it is a standard SD size card, make sure the tiny write protect switch is in the off position