Should I build a pc or am I too young.

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by Kill Bill, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Kill Bill

    Kill Bill New Member

    I'm 11 years old. I can watch the online tutorials and it seems pretty easy but my parents think I'll get electricuted but I don't blow up the mobo or whatever blows up. So whats your opions:

    Specs of build.

    Nzxt Zero.
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
    4096mb ram... (how does it work. there are only 2 notches)
    Nvidia 8800ULTRA or if around Christmas 9800GTX
    Abit wi-fi 680i Mobo or if around christmas what ever mobo that supports PCI-E 2 and has wifi
    1000GB X2 500GB
    20.1inch 1680XD1050 monitor
  2. Noah

    Noah New Member

    Hahah, I don't think you'll blow up. As long as you can read and follow directions, then there's nothing to worry about. Though, don't open a power supply up while it's plugged in like i did when i was 13. :\
  3. jamieboi550

    jamieboi550 New Member

    You should be fine as long as you can follow basic instructions and you have the funds for the build ;)

    From the specs you seem like you dont really know enough to start your own build, try researching about building PC's first. Your gonna need a 64-bit OS for those 4096Mb's of RAM :D

    Ask your dad for his toolbox lol

    Gd luck
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  4. nexolus

    nexolus New Member

    lol i like how you're planning it out right now but it's already in your sig.
  5. Jonyboy

    Jonyboy New Member

    What would you need with 4gb of ram and 1tb of memory?
  6. _simon_

    _simon_ New Member

    Your ram query and 2 slots - if you wanted 4GB, you'd use 2x 2GB sticks.

    Age doesn't really matter. It comes down to what you know and common sense.
  7. Kill Bill

    Kill Bill New Member

    I know Spent 8 months researching
    Plan if komplett dosen't work
  8. Kill Bill

    Kill Bill New Member

    Ok. If I were to build it Should I wait to Novemeber and get the parts from
    or shall I build it now.

    Reasons for Novemember

    Alot cheaper
    9800GTS looks like a nice card
    PCI-X - 2

    1 Question. The PSU I was going to get LINK
    Would it work on the 9800GTS or do you think it will be 13V
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  9. _simon_

    _simon_ New Member

    Doesn't matter when you build it, new components are coming out all the time, which in turn affects pricing.

    You could build a top spec pc in November and it will seem outdated compared to what's available come February.
  10. Kill Bill

    Kill Bill New Member

    Whats coming febuary....
  11. wafflez

    wafflez New Member

    I built my first comp at 11 =D
    It's much easier than you think. I just thought of the parts as legos, didn't look in the manual and it just worked.
  12. K3rupt

    K3rupt New Member

    You can never be too young.

    I started at 10 as well.

    Just follow simple rules:
    - never have power plugged in too wall until ready too boot
    - Touch wall of case everynow n then to ground yourself.
    - NEVER force anything with strength, Everything will just slide in with average force
    - Make sure motherboard is standing off Case (with the brass standoffs you get)
    - Always have EVERY Stand off on (otherwise you will short out)
    - Keep it clean :D

    Good Luck :D

    Building Computers is fun.

    Start Now. More Expierence the better.

    Who knows, you could be the next Bill Gates

    Remember me if you become famous :D
  13. Risingtide93

    Risingtide93 New Member

    Haha :D

    I built my computer at 13.

    Wow Kill Bill, you must have rich parents (spoiled! Just kidding)...I barely had a budget of $900...Good for you man.
  14. ducis

    ducis Active Member

    I built my first comp when I was 12 granted it was alot harder back then
  15. leSHok

    leSHok New Member

    Watch out for static electricity too. I guess that can go with grounding yourself with the case. Good luck!
  16. oscaryu1

    oscaryu1 VIP Member

    Never underestimate the power of kids :D Started troubleshooting at age of 10. Age of 10 1/2 took apart and rebuilt my cmoputer :D

    No age is too young. Especially cause I had 23 computers (9 laptops 14 desktops) at the age of 11 :D Seriously (loooooong time ago though)
  17. Gogey

    Gogey New Member

    You have too big a budget QQ

    Just a tip, dont EVER turn the computer on without a cpu cooler installed, or else it'll go boom. Dont do a 'I wonder if its working check'


    INTELCRAZY banned

    I didn't build my first computer, I started playing around in a P2 when they first came out, I must've been 9-10yo. I did have a power supply pop though, I fixed that when I was 11, I knew what the problem was. The neighbor(Assoc Degree CS) told me what he thought the problem was and how to troubleshoot it. I got my dad to pick me up a new PSU. That's when I started messing around with gfx cards and RAM.

    Start out slow, work your way up to the big stuff. My first actual build was P3, I don't know why Intel made the badges with "Pentium !!!", those CPU's fell flat on their face. I had two P4 builds, a Dell P4 and now this C2D build. I would say, start while young, if you don't you might end up like the rest of us, 8-10hr workdays and too tired to build one. Not happened to me yet, but close....
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  19. oscaryu1

    oscaryu1 VIP Member


    Just saw the build


    Ok I'm done now...

    DEFINITELY start out with only an P4 or even an P3 computer. an Quad is outta the range if its your first time.

    RAM Question - You get 2GB Sticks.

    GFX - You mean 1000MB Right? :eek:
  20. Gogey

    Gogey New Member

    Just wondering, why pentium 4? I know for certain that core 2 duo wouldn't be out of his range :\ Not sure why you say not to do quad-core either.

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