!!!!!urgert Help Needed!!!!life Or Death Situation!!!


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I purchased a 120 GB Seagate Barracacuda and am trying to install it on my 'ITE IT8212 ATA RAID' Controller but the 'DiscWizard', CD that came with the hardrive, does not recognize that there is an ATA card and informs me that there are no ATA slots available. please help me! its urgent! I'm losing my mind, I've been working on it for a day, I fear I'll starve to death if I do not find a solution quickly.


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try going in your bios and checking what your mobo's hard drive config is set to. I think sometimes you have to set it to raid, but I could be wrong...also, your HDD came with a cd for raid?


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ata problem

does the card that you buy support plug and play function? if yes, your computer should be able to detect that card you buy, unless your computer does not support plug and play. If no, do a check with your computer and check whether the card is install properly into the slot. Second, do a check to see the cable connection (if any) is correct and properly. Third, go to control panel --> system -->under hardware tab choose hardware wizard, and follow the instruction (for windows XP). Hope it work.



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Heehee for a life or death situation, 37minutes is a long time :p

installing the drives did not work.
Did you also install the drivers? Drives wont be detected until the card is functional