USB frustration - I need cyber guidance


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I bought this Toshiba Satelite 470 CDT on Ebay. It was originally sold in '98 (Toshiba from serial #) and has Windows 98 (SE I think). It was a little while before I realized the USB port won't recognize anything - printer, storage unit, scanner. The guy I bought it from says he will look at and repair or replace it. I'm concerned the "replace" aspect would mean that the new battery (plus what I've already spent) won't fit the "replacement".

There have been hours of struggle with this. My son is a computer programmer and he noticed the yellow circle fault symbol in the system root port. He downloaded the right driver (don't know that) and now the system itself says the USB is fine.

I have downloaded the software for two different printers and it gets to the point where it says "it is being printed" and nothing is happening.

When a "zip drive?" is plugged in the USB - nothing comes up on the screen like my son says it should.

I bought a "universal boot & diagnostic disc" on Ebay. It booted and everything seems ok.

I'm afraid it's a hardware expensive problem - mother and all. Is there any hope on this? Toshiba said the USB only comes with mother and its 398$ - completely out of the question. I just want this to do my construction tickets, word processing, and print. It does pretty good on the web.

Thanks for any help on this. :confused:


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Try WindowsUpdate for your version of Windows and make sure you have all the latest drivers. Its a start.

Happy ew Year!


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Tnx I did that

I got on the web and downloaded I think 7 years of updates. It didn't help. I have decided to send it back to the Ebay guy for repair/replacement. I like the Pizza Box except for that. I wasn't going to try anything exotic with it.


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No no no Never, I mean Never install Windows ME on anything on purpose. You might as well dunk the laptop in water. Using Windows ME to get rid of bugs is like using honey to get rid of flies. Windows NT doesn't support USB. I looked it up and it says this comes stock with a 200 mhz pentium and 64mb of Ram, if this is your case then Windows 98se is your best option. It will run Windows 2000 but very slowly. I wouldnt recommend it.

Sometimes its best to completely wipe it off and reinstall. Even though Windows 98se is your best option it will need reinstalling every so often.
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