Vista theme for everybody!


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Don't forget, You can PM me if you have any problems or questions :)

Hey Guys!

I found this on the tinternet before :p

I know of a few people that are looking for .mmstyle vista themes, here's the best one out there! :)

Here's a link to download it from:

but you'll need the UX Theme patch first, this is found here:


I decided to add some instructions because people said they couldn't get it working so here it is:

1) Simply download the UX Theme Patch from the link above.

2) You double click the patch you downloaded and follow the instructions.

3) Reboot your computer once it has finished doind what it needs to do.

4) Download the theme from the link above... (it's a link on the left of the picture named 'download').

5) You save it to a place you can easily find, like the Desktop.

6) You then open the folder with the theme in and go through the files until you find the .mmstyle file (it's green and yellow and has a picture of a paint brush, I think... :rolleyes:)

7) Just double click the .mmstyle file and it'll open your standard XP theme selection think (where you can choose the silver, green or blue XP themes) it should display the Vista style thing once you've double clicked the .mmstyle file, Simply click 'Apply'



There is also a white Vista theme, That was found by Nevakonaza.

This is the same as the first theme but is white.

Here is a link to it:

You will need the theme patcher mentioned above.


Here's the EXACT Vista Start bar, This can be used with XP normall, without any themes, or with themes.

This can be found here!

Thanks to JordanII for finding this amazing software ;)


...and this is what the final product looks like :D

You may want to use Icon Tweeker to make your icons look like Vista :D


New edition to the thread!
If you have Window Blinds, You can use this theme which looks a LOT like Vista:

Click Here for Windows Blinds Theme!

Here is the trial version of Windows Blinds: Click Here
Also, If you get the full version of Windows Blinds you can have the transparancy feature.

Here's what the Windows Blinds one looks like:

What do you think?

Hope this helps some people out! :D
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Well I posted a reply like you said to, so...I'm probably going to be using this theme. It looks really, really nice.


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yeah, I dontl like that either. But I like the 3D windows. Currently I am using zune theme which i downloaded from google and i am satisfied with that.

And three is someting wroing with downloading that. I cant download. Dont know why


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These things never work for me. I downloaded and installed that dll file, copied the folder to the windows folder, but nothing shows up. What do I have to do?


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These things never work for me. I downloaded and installed that dll file, copied the folder to the windows folder, but nothing shows up. What do I have to do?

You have to put it the Resources folder, then in there. There should be a themes folder. Stick the theme in there and it should pop up in appearances.


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No, No, No...

You don't have to copy it anywhere! :p

You simply get the patch, do that and restart and then double click the .mmstyle file in the folders, I'll edit the first post and put some instructions in there :)


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Sorry to say, but I cannot stand having the vista start button cut off like that. But otherwise looks ok.

There is a program that lets the icon run over the edge of the startbar so it becomes a full circle...I just can't remember what it is called. I don't know if it will work for that theme but it works for Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 which is the one I'm using.


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Not too bad... There are many things I don't care about, like the font when a window is maximized and how you must use the 'new' start menu for the effects. I also had a very hard time getting the patch to install. I ended up simply resorting to some patcher that did it for me :p


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Yeah, I think it's good...
The font could be better but it does a good job :p

Oh right, Well, if you have a link to any other good ones, I'll edit the orignal post and put it in :)


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Still wont work i copied the dll downloaded the file and it doenst show up when it pops up the location any suggestions on what is going wrong