W8 install to new HDD


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In Acronis I prepare the new HDD & has name "D"

"D" is in the case & W8 CD in the drive & set to boot 1st.

I am using AMIS BIOS & C drive is Disabled, in selecting Save & Exit, I get "MBR error Press any key to boot from floppy". I press a key & the same Error is repeated.

Why Floppy when "ATAPI CD/DVD DRive was set to boot 1st & there is no Floppy drive in the PC.

The PC is HP Compaq Pro6300 sff.

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, Build 19042, Installed 20210827152224.000000+060
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G645 @ 2.90GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7, CPU Count: 2
Total Physical RAM: 4 GB
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1790 MB
Hard Drives: C: 465 GB (407 GB Free); J: 1862 GB (785 GB Free);
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard 339A, s/n CZC3297W73
System: Hewlett-Packard, ver HPQOEM - 1072009, s/n CZC3297W73
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated


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Disconnect all drives except for the one you want to install windows to. If you don't its possible the boot files will get put on the other drive. If that other drive goes bad or gets removed from the system, windows will not boot.

You don't want to disable C drive. Reenable it.
If there is no floppy drive attached to the system then go into the bios and disable floppy drive. Make sure SATA controller is set to AHCI in bios.

I wouldn't format and give the drive a letter, let windows do that when installing. All you basically had to do was delete all the linux partitions so there was just one big one left. Then boot to the windows install cd and install windows. Just make sure the drive is formatted as ntfs and nothing linux since windows still can't see those partitions.


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1. The main HDDC was disconnected & its 2 cables were connected to the destination drive D, then put them back to C, those are the only cables available.
2. Cannot reanable it as cannot boot in that drive.
3. AHC in SATAas above.

The seller is investigating & I will post back later.