What Camera do you have?


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I have the Canon S3-IS and I love it, takes great photos and I love the optical image stabilization and 12x zoom!




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Sony DSC-H1, got it a year ago as a gift. It works great! 12X optial zoom, good movie quality, image stabilization, ect. :D
I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ 2. I just call it an lz2 lol. Its a nice little camera, i also have a Nikon N2000 but thats not a digital SLR, which im looking at getting now. Ive mastered the lz2 and i take some pretty amazing photos with it.


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I have my Panasonic FZ20 and a Kodak DX4530

The FZ20 is an amazing camera with probably one of the best lenses you can get on a non-dSLR. It requires a good bit of knowledge of how cameras work to really show off how the camera works, but when used correctly it's quite amazing.

The Kodak is a basic 3x zoom camera I got off ebay in parts and build a working camera. All in all it's a decent camera. It's very sluggish(as are many Kodaks) but works well for basic shooting. It's what I grab when I'm afraid of messing up my FZ20 :p Plus it's about half the size of my other one!


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Sony Cyber shot DSC-W5. I'm really happy with it, it does what I want it for, and does it well.

I guess my secondary camera is the one on my BRAND SPANKING NEW(got yesterday) Sony w810i. It's 2 MP, which is the same as my first digital camera:p Haven't had a chance to make use of the camera yet, but the screen on this thing is amazing.


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I have a Sony F717 and a Casio P505.

I enjoy using the F717 so much because whenever I do take it out, people are like wtf as if they never seen one before. It was an older model, guessed no one seen it before.

The casio, I used whenever I wanna take regular pictures, families, friends, etc. It works out great also.


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I have a Cannon IXUS800, It's a great little camera, has a lot of features and is a as good as some of the bigger cameras.

Did have a Nikon D70 that my Dad bought home from work, I had a play around with that for a couple of weeks and it was awesome. Really nice camera, slightly heavy though.