What is the best brand of motherboard.

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by ian, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    Well due to some advice from at work, I went for an ASUS Motherboard.
    I must say it has served me well over the past year and continues to do so.
    This is one field which I hope to learn more about.
    Anyone have a favourite brand?
  2. zkiller

    zkiller <b>VIP Member</b>

    ASUS is my fav as well! :) but i am really liking this new MSI board i got as well. *thumbsup*
  3. [tab]

    [tab] [...]

    My mobo is an Asus as well (P4PE). My old mobo was an Abit... I'd still be using that if that network card didn't die and take the mobo with it... d'oh.
  4. zkiller

    zkiller <b>VIP Member</b>

    i guess most everyone agrees that ASUS is a kick ass distributor of motherboards. :D
  5. Christopher

    Christopher VIP Member

    ASUS or DFI are my choices :cool:
  6. cptnwinky

    cptnwinky VIP Member

    MSI are my favorite boards. I love the Live Update software. It just makes things easier. Plus you get alot more for your money than with ASUS boards.
  7. zkiller

    zkiller <b>VIP Member</b>

    yeah, i am quite happy with my MSI and the live update is a neat feature! :) i still like ASUS though.
  8. charly

    charly New Member

    Epox is my favourite stuff, followed by the new Asus (for AMD's)

    i had stabil voltage troubles and got higher temp than expected, so i turned to Epox and i like i too. it has LED digits what shows booting sequence to analyse where the error occured.

    I used to change to ABit to, but after killing two boards during installation i'm away from ABit.

    c u
  9. TiGa TacTics

    TiGa TacTics New Member


    in my opinion I think MSI are crap. Sorry, but I really think they are cheap. I would go with asus, abit and epox...gigabyte is also a really good board. Tyan have good boards if your doing a xeon setup.

    My abit NF7-S v2 is great and it has gone through a lot and still has not craped out on me. I've had a brown out that took out all of my hardware, but yet the board still lives. :)
  10. Rick G

    Rick G New Member

    Abit, Asus and MSI are the top 3 boards out there. I am partial to MSI but if you research mobo's you will find all 3 board makers have their devout followers and adamant opposers. Any high performance board will present you with problems as there are so many settings to make in the bios. If you want stable and no O/C abilities, get an Intel board.
  11. cya at 8

    cya at 8 New Member

    I have a MSI Mobo and love it. My next will be a Gigabyte or Asus though.
  12. Rick G

    Rick G New Member

    Traitor! Stay with MSI, have you been to their forum at their site, no other mobo maker has one like that!
    Don't you dare leave me to be the only MSI geek here!
  13. zkiller

    zkiller <b>VIP Member</b>

    cptnwinky is a big MSI fan as well, so you are deffinetly not alone.

    beside, my main system (the last one i built) is running off of an MSI K7N2 mobo. i have had it for a good while now and must say that i really like it. just wish there were more power outlets for fans on the board itself.
  14. Rick G

    Rick G New Member

    I second that, wish for more mobo control over the fans, but Hey, thats what baybus's are for right?
    And my dear Z my next system is going to be a new Athalon 64 cpu, just havn't figured out which one yet. The biggies are still real spendy. Do the MSI AMD boards have the neat twinkle lights on the northbridge? Or do I need to get creative?
    I'm in the process of cutting out my side window to let the pretty lights shine through. I found a site that you can type in an english word and get the equivilent character in Mandarin so my new "symbol" is for the word "speed" in Mandarin.
  15. imjacktoo

    imjacktoo New Member

    ABIT NF7-s, and than ASUS is next w/nvidia chipset only
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2004
  16. littlenicky

    littlenicky New Member

    i like .... all of them i guess.. i got a machspeed it was a combo with my processor
  17. weed

    weed New Member

    Gigabyte is the way forward they make pretty stable boards..im all out for gigabyte
  18. MDofPC

    MDofPC New Member

    Mach Speed is the only motherboard manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty and is built in the USA
  19. StrangleHold

    StrangleHold Moderator Staff Member

    I use Gigabyte now, have had good luck with them, Abit is my second, used to like Asus but there real bad about not reading alot of brands of ram, Pretty sure Gigabyte bought them out a little while back!!
  20. Yasu

    Yasu New Member

    Did anyone notice that this thread is over 2 years old? Why do new members go that far back to reply?

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