what motherboard to buy I have an Asus A320M-K


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I have this motherboard that does not support TPM 2.0 , so what motherboard can i buy so I dont have to buy anything else just
move my stuff to it. I posted file that shows everything i have.


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That list doesn't show what exact cpu you have, which is important. Though you don't have a dedicated tpm on the motherboard any newer cpu will already have this inside it. If you are running a ryzen 2000 series or higher processor they will have it but the motherboard bios must support it to enable it. Lets see if there is an option in there to enable this. Enter the bios and get into the advanced mode, find an option that says PTT and enable it then save your settings and reboot. Access device manager go into security devices and you should see where it says tpm module.