Which Digital Camera

Never owned a digital camera but need to purchase one so I can really get cooking on my website. I'm going to be using it for landscape shots, family photos and action shots with motorcycles. I don't want to spend any more than $300 US and I know NOTHING about digital cameras, literally.

Can someone give me some basics on digi cameras and how you decide on the right one?



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Well, it is important to get something around 3.0 megapixels at least, get a good optical zoom and not digital zoom, and check what type of memory it uses, make sure that the memory cards are cheap and wont cost you a fortune.
A good site I always refer to is http://www.steves-digicams.com/ and http://www.dpreview.com/ you can view actual samples of photos.
Prices have really come down, for US$300 you should be able to get a digital camera which takes good quality pictures.
Thanks. I ended up getting a Canon Powershot A75. It has everything I believe I need and was reasonably priced at just shy of $200 us. Also Consumer reports gave it a huge thumbs up. Gotta go take some pictures. Later.



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Excellent choice! I played around with a Powershot and I liked it very much.
Hope you'll make beautiful pictures with it.
Huh? What?

Fell asleep reading the manual! It is a fun camera. These newer cameras have so many more options and almost all of them are actually functional not just icing.



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wot resolution camera do you want to go for? how will it be used generally?
those are the first questions.