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  1. dragons0088

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    Hey, I am a student at the Art Institute of Colorado and I'm planning on buying a laptop. I was thinking that a laptop that could handle any games will be able to handle all my software packages such as 3D studio Max, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator and such. I am also an avid gamer so I'd like for the laptop to be able to play the latest games with out a problem.

    I am also a home depot associate so I get 12% off of any Dell computer that I buy including the XPS systems. I believe i get 12% off Alienware too. If Dell's aren't so great I'm more than willing to buy a computer from anywhere as long as the price is comedative to Dell's (with the discount). I hear lots of companies do student discounts also.

    I'm not sure which computer I should go for. I don't understand the difference between some of their XPS systems and the Inspiron systems. I'm trying to keep my budget right around $1000 give or take. If someone could buy me a good dell computer on the website and post it here that would be great or just post the specs, or even find a pre-made one.

    I have expierence in building desktop computers as I've been building my own for a good 6-7 years now. If building a laptop is anything like that or cheaper I'd be willing to take the challenge and build one!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Pan

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    You do lots of stuff about the 3D MAX and graphic thing. I think you can build a computer by yourself. The 3D max will cost you so much memory. I used 3D MAX 9.0 in my laptop which has 1G RAM but the computer cannot run when I draw my stuff. Therefore if you want the computer run faster, build a computer by yourself is a good suggestion. For the suggestion, I won't suggest you to buy dell laptop since I have some experience about that it is not good for the graphic design.
    You can check here: http://www.onhop.ca . They provide lots of computer component stuff and you can buy it online. The price is reasonable I think. :)
  3. dragons0088

    dragons0088 New Member

    Thanks for the response. Is building a laptop much like building a Desktop? If so I shouldn't have too much trouble figuring out what goes where. Will it be much cheaper considering my 12% dell discount? As far as what you said about dells being bad for graphic design, is that with one of their XPS systems or not? I've heard they are pretty good for gaming so i would imagine graphic design work wouldnt suffer too badly.
  4. HumanMage

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    Do Dells offer a bare bones system you can add to? I know Asus does (C90) but that might be out of your price range.
  5. Smurf Manser

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    maybe this is just me, but i wouldn't get a dell, and alienware is a bit overpriced, can you get any kinda discout on toshiba?
  6. dragons0088

    dragons0088 New Member

    HumanMage: They dont offer barebones, but they allow you to pick the bits that go in it to a certain extent.

    Smurf Manser: No, it appears that Toshiba doesn't do student discounts:


    I called and asked and they said that they make their discounts uniform across the board. What you see on the website is what's available.

    - Trip":mad:

    Is HP or Compaq any good for laptops? I have never bought a pre-built computer so I'm not sure which companies are good or bad.
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