Xbox one controller blinking windows 10

Hi fellas. I bought an xbox one controller 6 months ago but lately there an issue where all of a sudden the game frames would drop to below 5fps or even freeze for a brief moment and then within 10-15 seconds go back to normal. When this happens the middle X button would blink a couple of times and then become solid. As soon as it becomes solid, it works again. If I remove the battery and put it back in and hold the middle X button, the issue goes away. I have tried using new batteries and the issue persists. Also I have tried multiple games and the issue still happens. I have changed power settings in Windows 10 to different ones and that did not help. I would appreciate if anyone can help.Thanks in advance.


Staff member
I've had that issue a couple times with the dongle in high-interference areas. Changed the 2.4g channel on the router from 1 to 11, issue went away.