Yahoo messenger and Webcam problem

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    i have a strage problem. I have logitech pro 4000 webcam for last few years. Evrything has been working fine for me till i formatted my hard drive recently. I installed drivers for the webcam using logitech CD that came with it. Then i installed the new yahoo messenger 8.0. Now when i try to start my webcam on yahoo messenger it freezes and then yahoo stops responding. i cant even get rid of it from the task manager...i have to restart to get rid of yahoo. However, the webcam seems to be functioning fine when i use it with the logitech software for webcam. I have tried reinstalling both yahoo and the webcam again but no use. I also tried to go into the yahoo webcam troubleshoot page and tried to test my webcam and guess what....the explorer page foze without being able to End task.....
    Can anyone help me out here?????
  2. MGD

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    It looks as though Yahoo! messanger 8.0 and you webcam are incompatable. Have you considered changing to MSN messanger? 99% don't seem to have webcam problems
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    Also, have you checked logitech for updated drivers for your cam? Might help, might not.

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