Zalman vs Zerotherm


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Well I built the rig in my signature 2 months ago and used a Zerotherm copper butterfly cpu cooler (except mine was the model with a fan attached) and I also had an XFX 7900gs with the stock cooler. Well CPU temps were @ 92-95 f idle and gpu temps were 117f. I replaced the Zerotherm with a Zalman and replaced the gpu stock cooler with a Zalman vf-900. Now cpu temps are 86-88f and gpu is 93f. Also gpu is a lot quieter. A big diff. in my opinion. Zerotherm had some good reviews but was just too new a company and Zalman has the better product for sure in my mind. I also switched thermal paste from AS5 to Zalman stg.


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good deal, also you could look into Arctic Silver thermal paste, a personal preference of mine. I notice a little difference when using arctic silver.

When it comes to noise I'm a big fan of TMD, or Tip magnetic driven, fans since there are no ball bearings so there is much less fan noise, more just the air itself being pushed.


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I have to agree about the Zalman, i have the CNPS9500. Remember that about the entire computing world uses Celcius for computer tempuratures, however.