Best graphics card for £1500 budget in 2024???


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Hi there, i wanted advice on what kind of graphics card i could buy in 2024 with a budget of £1500 ($1918 converted to US dollars) - currently looking into building my first gaming rig, based in the UK. Thanks in advance!
Pretty much anything you wanted for that price. You can get some 4090's here in the usa for that price. But the thing is, do you really need that expensive of a card? Would need to know what the most demanding game you would play.
For clarity, you mean a £1500 budget for the whole machine right? I think it still allows quite a few high end options but things like supers are probably out.
Hi there sorry for the confusion, no I was looking to spend £1500 on the graphics card alone, I have a £6000 budget to build the PC. Kind regards
Most interesting for this building will 4080, 4070s or rx 7900 xtx. It will supposed by ur needs in ur pc.