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    beers replied to the thread EMI Shield for computer.
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  • teots
    I received 2 more packets of ferrite magnetic core. A total of 60 pieces for 3 packets of ferrite magnetic core i purchased. This time i...
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  • H
    Thanks for the advice. Would I be able to keep the existing case and mainboard or should I exchange these parts as well? Im wondering if...
  • waveform
    Disregard. There's a setting called Taskbar. I spend all night looking for it. They put it in the display menu rather then then home...
  • waveform
    I drive a propane truck and use an android tablet for my routes. Android just released an update and added some stupid icon bar at the...
  • beers
    You might find a good deal on a 5700X or 5800X. Even a 5600X would be a noticeable upgrade, you can support those CPUs with a BIOS...
  • H
    I am planning to either buy a new PC or to upgrade the one I currently have and possibly in 1 year to take over the parts used for the...
  • dr3ams
    dr3ams replied to the thread I ordered a new case....
    After migrating my hardware from a bequiet! Pure Base 600 (a smaller case), I have a few observations and tips to share. Before I...
  • beers
    beers replied to the thread Monitor intermittent "black out".
    Nice fam I had a issue for a bit where trying to press power on the nintendo switch would zap/shock around the plastic button and into...
  • Jiniix
    Jiniix replied to the thread Monitor intermittent "black out".
    Windows PCs waking themselves up from sleep has been an issue for a trillion years, roughly. The RAM resetting to default speeds to me...
  • beers
    beers replied to the thread ASUS Q87M-E.
    It also powers the RTC so it keeps time, if you clear it then your date usually gets set back to either epoch or some arbitrary date...
  • waveform
    waveform replied to the thread ASUS Q87M-E.
    I'm assuming on the page, clearing the CMOS ram is the same as clearing the CMOS on other computers? Not sure why they call it the Cmos...
  • J
    jd10013 replied to the thread new build.
    I looked again, apparently they are "optional", lol. Playing around, I did notice a similar 3 prong connector on that assembly that...
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  • jevery
    jevery replied to the thread new build.
    Yea, that's a SATA connector. Your case will always have a connector to attach to the sound header on your motherboard for headphone and...
  • J
    jd10013 replied to the thread new build.
    Yea, front fans working. They come off that same spot but plugged into the cable used for hdd and cd drives. Will have to check the others
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