Can I add nvme or another ssd into this?

Hi guys,

I recently opened my laptops back panel and was wondering if I could add another m.2 ssd and 2.5 ssd drive?

I can't see space to add another m.2 but I think there is a bay for 2.5 ssd in left bottom corner?

Sorry I am quite new to computer hardware

I attached pictures

I only see room for one NVME ssd in there and it looks occupied already
The smaller one above the nvme slot (in the top picture) should be your wifi card, if you disconnect that you won't have wifi and if you get annother nvme ssd it would need to be one of those tiny one inch ones
However even if you got one the pinouts may not match so it wouldn't be useable, it depends on what model laptop you have but I'm guessing no it wouldn't be usable


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Probably easiest to just replace it with a larger drive. Usually the stock bundled ones aren't the best performers to begin with.
wifi m.2 cards typically uses the E/A key, which is different to nvme ssd's that use the M key. They aren't compatible with one another.
That's what I thought
So OP in your case you just have a single nvme m.2 available for storage, the occupied one in your picture
Ok thanks I thought so

Thats a shame

I may just get one nvme and put it in outside bracket and connect to usb externally

Is this is good option?


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I may just get one nvme and put it in outside bracket and connect to usb externally
Those work but you'll be limited by the USB bus for transfer rate, 3.0 is usually 5 Gbit, so it will be slower than a typical internal SATA drive. If you have a 10gbit USBC 3.1/3.2 port then you'd be limited to that transfer rate. It might be worthwhile to get a larger nvme as an internal replacement and use the old internal as an external (with appropriate external nvme enclosure) for additional storage, alternatively you might save a few dollars with a SATA external.

If your laptop has a thunderbolt interface you might be able to leverage that instead, although the enclosures are more expensive, but you'd get native data rates as TB usually leverages 4x PCIe lanes.


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I did take a second look at the photos, you do have a 2nd m.2 slot it looks like. It should sit to the right of the bottom ram slot.