Did some upgrades with my internet setup


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Ok I'm sure i have a post from a few months back about my internet issue. Well was forced to upgrade thanks to the roof allowing water in from the massive rain in texas. *interior damage isnt extreme though but not minor.

So to recap this previous story
1gb bandwith
Router located over 75ft? with a wall and solid wood door between.
Steam download speeds 20mb

What i did
Buy slightly more expensive router netgear nighthawk rx1000v2 still rocking dual band
50ft of cat6 vs cat5e (didn't know them cables been out for years haha)
Moved it into the hallway between the 2 rooms.

Steam now has a download speed of 50mbps
Ping seems more stable (i dont believe it as still dealing with packet loss in games) unless im wrong but ping while in mutiplayer is 40ms roughly.

I have this router slightly setup but im sure it could use tweaking *has custom stuff did run ping optimizer seems to help but dont understand how to adjust bandwith properly
Anyway you can hook up straight to the modem without router hookup and test speed there? Check the router setup and make sure you have split the bands up instead of combined. I've seen a lot of connection issues with routers that have combined bands insteads of separate. Comcast gateways tend to do this a lot.
No i would have to get adapter to type c unfortunately. My laptop lacks any usable i/o. Note she's not cheap but got it march 2022.

Even then questions on if it works like it would with the correct port?
You could get an ethernet to usb converter as well. Just trying to take router and extra cables out of the equation here. You are connecting to the 5ghz band correct? Something could be up with your system as well. 75 feet is kinda far especially through a solid wall and door. You could try a different wifi device to check speed. Make sure you aim the antennas toward the area you are at as well.
Speeds are good on mobile at same distance just laptop doesn't play as nice but setup works better for it though. mobile isnt affected
Correct but 5ghz should be very good since its been moved closer end goal is get it either on a adapter or same room. But how much is to be gained by either i have no idea

Gonna look into bandwith optimization and run some speed test my ping under load oh boy its not prettysee what can be done will have some pics posted this afternoon
MB/s or mbps? Also you can't really do a lot about latency beyond your first hop, game servers are everywhere and anywhere in the topology of the internet.

75 ft with walls is a ways, I can break gigabit from a room 20' or so away but if I'm at the edge of the house it's doing well for 100 mbit.

Triage between wireless and wired and you can see where your improvements should be.
I have the same problem where if I shut my bathroom door, I lose wireless connectivity haha.

Does the speeds increase the closer you are to the router?

Wireless will always have degradation due to environmental factors. An USB-C to Ethernet Adapter is $10 give or take from Amazon (and you can always return it after testing, but you may want to keep it because your computer doesn't have USB/Ethernet ports. Most if not all laptops these days will be USB-C.

Triage between wireless and wired and you can see where your improvements should be.
This. I would encourage to try this to the router (as well as turning off wifi) and also direct to modem to see if there are any differences because it could be your computer.

I assume your wireless adapter drivers are up to date?

Also, I would suggest running in a Clean Boot mode and see if that works better - How to perform a clean boot in Windows
Well i cant upload any pics due to file size even when taken from a screenshot through windows.
But i configured the router to not use bandwidth on stuff like livestreaming, etc. So doing that i went from 10 for everything listed in default to 18 for stuff we use the most. *dont have hardly any devices only 4 things haha only laptop is using 5ghz others are 2.4 band.

So far wifi is working better since its out of the original location. Havent messed with moving the laptop *lazyness honestly. Drivers should be up to date. Windows kinda sucks in that area. But when this laptop was new, steam could barely hit 10mbps wired/wireless using manufacturer adapter. So 50mbps is a treat. it just took 2 years to get there. Still download a 1.5gb update in a minute how does that math out? Old combo was 5min avg @15mbps. According to steam.

Anything i can do about ping under load because its not stable at all. I figured it would be smoother of a graph ran the test just now.
Idle is 13ms
Download is 70ms
Upload is 57ms
Speed is 662mbps dl, and 782mbps for ul. *i get ending letters in internet speeds mixed up.

My end goal is to have this setup efficient for my use. While it works just needs fine tweaking to make it better but overall way i talk it sounds fine?

Another question how can i tell if my wall connection is a bottleneck? We got upgraded to fiber optic back in 2017 so i assume its fine.
Fun little test from where im sitting using mobile
2.4 is barely 75mbps while 5g is 600mpbs. Makes me wonder using 6g would be like, i know router needs to be a lot closer. But would that price of admission be worth it. Netgear is like 600.

Same area as my laptop.
I had a fun time while working at an ISP. A lot of the 2.4GHz issues are attributed to your neighbours networks. If there are too many on one channel then you would need to switch to another. Channels 1, 6, and 11 are the 3 channels that don't overlap other channels. If your router is set to Auto, try channel 11.

Now 2.4GHz can get about 100Mbps connectivity, barring any physical, environmental, or technical issues, such as the technology of the computer and Wireless Access Point (router), and it can go for longer distance. 5GHz speeds doesn't fair well distance wise, but makes up for speed.

Oh! Where is the router? is it in a closet? out in the open? the best place for a router is to be in the most highest, center part of the room if possible.

https://socialwifi.com/knowledge-base/wifi-technology/difference-between-24-and-5-ghz-wifi/ this link gives you an idea.

Now if you are getting better speeds on mobile (assuming you turned of cell data for the test), then I would suggest getting another laptop (friends/family) to test to see if they get the same speeds. If your laptop is the only one with the issue, then consider getting an USB Wireless adapter (and USB-C to USB-A cable) and test the wireless with that (you will need to disable the onboard card) and see if that improves.

What laptop is it? If it's a branded machine, what is the serial number or service tag (dell) of the machine so I can look at the tech specs.

All else fails, you could try an extender, or powerline adapters and have a router in your room that you need it.