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How do I install a G Mail icon on the bottom of my screen (task bar) , to notify me when I have new mail ? I used to have one but lost it and I would like to get it back.


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I did that but I want to get an icon and be notified in the taskbar located at the bottom of the screen
If gmail was downloaded from Microsoft store you’ll have to do an extra step then the traditional right click. I forgot simple thing you had to do, but it was something like locating the original file on the hard drive and find the icon to create a shortcut. That or see if you can pin Gmail to the task bar. If anything you’ll want pop3/imap with smtp, which Microsoft Mail already has and very customizable on appearance. But yes Microsoft forum moderator helped me for a game I wanted a shortcut for because it was my only way to download it from the Microsoft store because I bought a Xbox copy.