Hot mail Problems


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Wife got a new Galaxy phone and the changeover failed to provide a shortcut to her Hotmail account. Started with T-Mobile and was handed off to A tech weenie @ Hotmail. After some hunting around he came back with "you've got 19 virus infections" and told her they originated in Texas and would cost $8 each to clean up. He also said that because we have both our phones on the same account @ T Mobile that my Hotmail account is also infected.
Should'a worn my mask.

This doesn't scan properly to me.


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Yeah, something is wrong there. Don't believe him. I don't think you actually talked to a hotmail technician. You most likely called a number on an internet search and its actually a scam.

Either use the samsung email app to download the hotmail or down the outlook app to get the hotmail.


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Yes, use the outlook app from Google Play. Don't pay that person to "fix" those virus infections!


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Not sure what kind of scam ring you engaged into but it's not legitimate.


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Don't fall for scams like that.

I downloaded an emulator for Windows yesterday. Fortunately, it wasn't a virus. Just a person pranking people with coding, which shouldn't be allowed on Google Play.

The thing is, you have to be careful. Always run security checks before opening attachments in messages, whether they don't look suspicious or not.


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Thank you everyone. My instincts agreed with you all.
Even the youngster was puzzled, but unable to say more than it doesn't seem right.

I'm baffled by the hand-off from T-Mobile 611 being the intro to everything


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AH GEEZ....... sorry some how I dropped the sentence telling how a young fellow @ T-Mobile store here Helped us recover her pass word and right everything. He couldn't figure how we got connected to that either.

Again, thank you all.