"hotwire" psu?


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hey guys, i was just wondering if there is any way possible to get a psu to give out power without using the on button on the computer. I'm trying to hook up 2 psu's to a computer cause the one I have doesn't have enough power and the other one's cable isn't long enough to connect it to a mother. So I'm trying to hook up the one inside the case to the motherboard/optical drive and the external powersupply to the hd and fans. Any ideas? If it's impossible or too time consuming to do I'll just order a new psu.


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to jumpstart the PSU without a mobo connect the green wire of the 24pin connector to any ground (black wire)


formerly liuliuboy
dragon2309 said:
To jumpstart a PSU then simply connect pins 13 and 14 on the 24 pin power connector.

that was exactly what i was looking for :D you read my mind. Thanks bunch dragon!

followup: lol work like a charm, I connected by crappy powmax powersupply (came with case i would never pay money to buy one) to all the fans and dvd burner, and my so far reliable psu that came with my emachine to the rest of the machine. Working perfectly, I'm running the external psu wires throught he front where i punched out the 3.5'' drive bay cover. Now ever time I want to run my computer I have to turn on two psu's but wth i don't have to buy a new one :D.
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