Icone nei titoli di ricerca: come disattivarle?


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Hi, without doing anything, now every time I use Google and do a search, I find the icons next to the titles. Can anyone tell me how to disable this disgrace? I attach a photo. Thank you


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It's incredibly confusing to me. However I won't use Google anymore but Yahoo.com. With this search engine I don't have that "problem". Thanks anyway.
Why is it confusing? Yahoo search engine sucks along with their whole site. And FYI, all major browsers have icons on their searches. Just goes to show you that Yahoo is way behind in the times.
Not sure how auto translation is a disgrace, not everyone is trying to learn Italian as fast as Lewis Hamilton
As mentioned, that is normal. Those icons are for the websites that they are showing and may be shown by the sites themselves and not from Google.

If you are looking for a change, you can always send feedback to ask to have an option to remove the icons: