Internet TV plans: T-Vision vs. Hulu TV vs. YouTube TV?


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Hi all. I'm planning to get a live TV service soon, and I'm looking at these three. (Other suggestions are welcome!)

Does anyone have any experience with them or thoughts about which may be better than the others? At first glance, T-Mobile's new service seems to be the cheapest, but it also seems like Hulu's service comes with not just live TV but their entire catalog of movies and TV as well. YouTube TV seems to have a lot of available live TV channels as well.

Is there maybe anything else I'm not considering when I compare them?



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Last summer I decided to drop cable (had Comcast Xfinity). I tried a TV antenna, Hulu and YouTube as an alternative. I dropped YouTube after 1 month, don't remember the exact reason but I think it was because it was more expensive than Hulu. I used Hulu until December of last year when they raised their prices which made it more expensive than cable with fewer features/channels. I ended up going back to Xfinity. I still have the TV antenna which works pretty good but doesn't have as many channels as cable.

During the time I had dropped Xfinity, they developed an app that allows you to access live TV and the DVR from devices like phones, tablets, Roku, etc... It makes it more useful because you used to have to pay for each TV you had connected. Now I can watch TV from virtually anywhere and not pay anything additional. The same can be said about Hulu and YouTube but this app makes Xfinity more competitive in the market.

Can't say anything about T-Vision since I've never used it.