M2 to sata converter


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D0F1CE62-3EAB-43AD-8989-2073A0C9CDCD.jpegHello, i’m trying to put another SSD in my computer, and i already have this extra, but i’m missing a M.2 slot, so i was thinking of buying a converter, so that i could have it connected via a sata cable, but the only converters i Can find is either B key which apparently won’t work. I can’t use a converter that Will use the slot below the graphics card, since the graphics card is too big, is there any converter that Will work in this scenario that Can Connect directly to the sata cables?


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Not really aware of any SATA converters, 10 gig USB ones would be faster anyway.

I have been using an Asus Strix Arion with 2TB SK P31 drive until I can get another one on black friday, super solid.


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That's a NVME drive. It needs to have PCIE lanes to work. SATA won't work.

What motherboard are you planning on putting this in?

External usb enclosures (usually type c for M.2 drives) might work for you as suggested by beers.