Malware or Not????


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Can anyone out there help me please,
The last thing I want is a bug on my computer because I can use one but don't know the first thing about fixing it if it goes wrong.

Is the following message some sort of bug:

VideoLAN and the VLC development team present VLC 3.0.14 "Vetinari".

Please READ!

The upgrade you are doing will not launch the installer, because of a bug from our team. We are extremely sorry about that.

You will need to manually launch from your temp folder after the download.

This upgrades fixes security issues in the updater and in the application. Please update.

I would email VLC and ask them directly but can't find an email address which works.

Thank you to anyone who can advise me



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Hello John

Thank you for your prompt reply, I did exactly as you said and downloaded the new version directly from their website.
It works a treat.

Thanks once again