My computer doesn't see my WiFi network


I have a problem. My WiFi doesn't appear on my computer in the WiFi list.

There is no problem when I use my old router. But I can't use it now because it is too slow. My Internet provider provided a router and since then, I can't see the WiFi. I can't change the router. They installed an all in one device that take care of both the tv and the internet.

There's 2 connections on my router:
1- 2.4Ghz g/n/ax
2- 5Ghz a/n/ac/ax

I can't see both.

My netword device is : Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265
I updated it and it changed nothing. (it indicated that I am already using the up to date version)

All the other devices (my phone, my printer, etc) are all able to use my new WiFi connections without any problem.
I called several time my internet provider and they tried to help me but now they say there is nothing to do now.

If you have any idea or suggestion please tell me!

Thanks in advance...!
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It seems your wifi device may have failed on your. Try getting a usb wifi adapter and see if you can see the networks.