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Hello there, I just got a pop up photo on my screen for no reason, and I couldn't delete it. It only vanished when I restarted my computer. Am I being Hacked? The OK button didn't work at all



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I can only assume its either

1. A browser notification from somewhere or
2. Notification from a program installed on the pc.

Check to see what notifications have been allowed for the web browser you are using. Scan your system for malware using Malwarebytes. Check the installed programs list for any bad programs that you don't recognize and get rid of them.


Looks like a popup saying you don't have internet. Could be from any program needing a connection to the internet. It's almost impossible to know exactly what. Sadly, some programs think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread and the user needs to drop everything to let it update or whatever from the internet. [/cough "Discord"]

It could be a program that needs the internet, but was so poorly written, that it thinks it's permanently off the internet, even if the actual outage only lasted a few seconds. People download all sorts of small programs, doesn't mean the program is a bad thing, but it the program might just be poorly written. There are a lot of micro programs that barely get out of beta before being released to the wild. The program might generally work pretty well, but have some bugs like thinking it permanently lost the internet, even if the internet was only down so briefly, the user didn't even know they lost the connection momentarily.

Did you try killing the popup with the Task Manager?
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