'No signal' monitor message


A new desktop computer has recently been built and Debian 11 installed. All the hardware is new including monitor, keyboard
and mouse.

For the last couple of mornings, when coming to use the computer, the monitor was found to display a 'no signal' message, although
the computer was switched on okay. On the first morning, the monitor suddenly came to life and worked okay the rest of the day.
On the second morning, the monitor again showed 'no signal' and this time both the keyboard and mouse would not
work with the monitor.


Staff member
Might be driver related when negotiating from the GPU to the display, you could isolate Debian 11 itself from using another distro liveCD or similar.

If the whole system froze it's probably another issue.


The system is working again okay.

I now don't know how the problem started or ended.

This is of concern because the problem might suddenly return.