PS4 not accepting discs


ok i have a slim ps4 that i decided to redo thermal paste and thermal pads which i now regret. When i put it back together i did not notice a ribbon cable for the disc drive was frayed the disc drive worked i tested it out and put a disc in and then ejected it without probelm. Next day i updated the software of ps4 and then it threw an error (although i did not see what the error was) and the ps4 has not accepted a disc ever since. I have replaced the ribbon cables for the disc drive twice still no luck. There is a fuse on the motherboard that i tested with a volt meter that is NOT bad and still good. I have reinstalled the os multiple times and still nothing. I have been stumped on this for months. Can anyone help me out here?
i am not sure if it it the same screw as the video as that is a fat ps4 mine is the slim but only place i found a hidden screw was the square triangle O X logo on the side. It did not seem to do anything for me. maybe i am doing it wrong. i am not sure how much to tighten it or which way.