Stainless Steel Table for a Desk Setup & ESD Hazards...???


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I used to work in a restaurant and stainless steel work tables were everywhere. I really LOVE the look of stainless steel. It has this industrial quality/charm that I really like.

I've always had this idea to use a stainless steel work table like the ones from a restaurant as a computer desk setup, ever since I started working at the restaurant. Wood gets kind of old aesthetically, since wooden desks are everywhere and everybody uses them. I am trying to create a different look for my desk setup that feels unique and original.

On the other hand, I do know that stainless steel is a conductive metal for electricity and therefore has the potential hazard of creating ESD/electrostatic discharge and might not be ideal for use with consumer electronics like computers and electrical parts/components.

With that said,
  1. Would it be generally 'safe' to use a stainless steel table for computers and consumer electronics in a home setting...?
  2. Would the potential risk for ESD be pretty high or low for consumer electronics such as a computer and a handful of electrical peripherals?
  3. Is it possible to ground and/or insulate/shield the table against ESD if I am still adamant on using a stainless steel table? If there is a way, how would it be done?
Hopefully there is someone in here who is an electrician and/or someone who has some electrical engineering background/knowledge who can help me out.
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Your pc should be fine as should any other electronics with proper shielding on the outside
In fact, most Pc cases are normally metal themselves! The reason they do not short their internals in the first place is because standoffs are installed below the motherboard which prevents any external electric charge from harming anything on the inside
Most cases also have grounded feet on them to prevent anything similar happening from the ground up
The only thing I would be concerned with is any electronic device that does not have adequate case protection (such as a naked pc without a case or anything like a plain circuitboard without grounding), that could pose a problem since it will be plain metal on plain electronic parts
To be extra safe you could put something nonconductive on the feet of the table such as rubber pads or "sliders" which should also help with moving and minimize floor wear/damage


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Thanks for the informative response. Now, I can finally get my stainless steel table and have the look that I want!!!

Regarding the feet of the table and using rubber pads/sliders...I was actually planning on putting casters/wheels on the feet of the table to make it rolling/portable. I will make sure I get casters that are rubber or urethane instead of metal.