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CPU-Z Benchmark Thread

This thread is dedicated to the CPU-Z benchmark to encourage some friendly competition among our members. Anyone may share their results, but to be included in the leaderboard you must have at least 50 posts. I've included a leaderboard of overall results as well as being broken down into desktops and laptops. I know other CPU benchmark threads exist on here but they're somewhat out of date at this point.

I've opted for CPU-Z as my benchmarking tool because it's extremely quick to run, seems to scale well, and is built into software most of us already have. It is my benchmark and stress test of choice for overclocking as I can test stability quickly and easily. It's not the most hardcore benchmark around, but definitely the most usable for getting quick results.

7/4/18 Update: These results are using CPU-Z Benchmark Version 17.01.64
Please ensure you are on this version of the benchmark. If you're not the latest CPU-Z version should have it. Since I only have results for Desktops currently I will only post that. Once I get a few laptop runs I will make a graph for that as well as a combined one.

Grab CPU-Z from here.

Note: CPU-Z scores are noticeably impacted by programs running in the background like Steam, Skype, etc. Please shut down anything non essential when benching to ensure maximum results.

To post your results please include the following in a screenshot. Open multiple instances of CPU-Z to make this easier.


1700 3.JPG
  1. CPU-Z benchmark results
  2. CPU-Z CPU tab
  3. Notepad with your CoFo username, date, and system info (if you want) beyond what CPU-Z already shows.

  1. Anyone may submit their results but only members with 50 posts or more will be listed in the leaderboard. I will do my best to keep it up to date and accurate.
  2. Please do not post multiple results of the same machine at the same clocks. Run it a few times and save your best. Multiple runs at different clock speeds is fine.
  3. There are no requirements on stability/temperatures. If CPU-Z runs, you're good. I have noticed that CPU-Z dips pretty hard if you're not stable. That said, please don't melt your computer on my account. :D
  4. Clock speeds noted on the leaderboards are for manually overclocked chips. If a clock speed isn't listed it's the default clocks for that chip.
  5. For simplicity I've rounded off the decimals on the scores.



Happy benching!
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Seems pretty integer specific, still slightly behind at the same clocks:



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I remember doing that benchmark test awhile back. I get around the 10k score on the multithread section @ 4.5ghz. Perks of having 12 threads. :D

I'll run my cpu at those frequencies later. :p


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Didn't know that CPU-Z had a benchmark feature. That must be new.
I'll try that when i get home. Mine is currently not overclocked, but i think i'll apply my old overclock, just for this test.


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I see we have a laptop result here.
Maybe we can have both a laptop leaderboard and a desktop leaderboard .
Here is my work Laptop. I beat you Intel_Man :)

I'll benchmark my Gaming Rig when i get home.

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Ok. Here is my desktop computer.
I have the same CPU as you beers (I7-4770k), but the score is still a little bit lower. I can't get it stable at 4,6ghz. Keeps reaching CPU termal limit. So i had to settled at 4,5ghz (Wound't trust this OC for a gaming session though)
My CPU cooler isn't a high performing one. I prioritize low noise over cooling performance.

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I tried using cpu-z to measure performance gains, but I abandoned it for being unreliable and inconstant, due to irregular results. I have tried cpu-z on a few different platforms and I have found large fluctuations in scores while ensuring that all variables remained the same.

Both test were done with no other programs open or running and at 0% cpu activity when they were started: