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Its ok, it turns out my zalman cooler was in quiet mode all along. If I remove the transistor regulating the speed and allow it to run at max speed, my proc can run higher than 4.6 without blowing up. :D:D:D
i seriously need to overclock this deal, inside my VM im close to the leaderboard, i need to find a linux benchmarker or quit being a lazy ass and install windows 10 on my second hard drive


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I am a lucky guy. I get a new laptop every year from work. I have worked at this school for 4 years, and i have had 4 different laptops.
When we get a new shipment of laptops i try to get the new laptops out to the teachers and swap their older laptops and use them as student laptops.
But i am the first one to get one of the new laptops. I am the tech-supporter after all. So that's a perk i have.
Anyway. This time the upgrade isn't very huge. It's just going from the Dell Latitude E5550 to the E5570.
But still, that did result in a better benchmark score. So here it is:

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2335 & 8846 at 4.6GHz
2386 & 9278 at 4.7GHz

I'm itching to try for 4.8GHz but.... I won't. Never done it, doubt it will post. I mean at 4.7GHz stress testing with Prime95 was failing after 15 mins..

Edit 1: Just hit 9312 on the multi-thread right after posting these results. About to try 4.8GHz and see if it posts at 1.45V.

Edit 2: 2435 & 9485 @4.8GHz

I think that's a single-threaded winner isn't it? ;) @Intel_man @Calin

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