THX TruStudio Pro on Clevo P170HM "audio device not supported..."


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I own a Clevo P170HM and I have two problems with the THX TruStudio Pro software. First, It won't activate if I click on the "activate" shortcut, because of script errors and it also cannot communicate to the creative servers resulting in error 240. Second, if I want to start THX TruStudio Pro an error message is displayed, but I have to translate the text, because I'm german: "the selected audio device is deactivated, not available, unsupported or not connected correctly. Do you want to select another audio device?"
I also have the problem that the subwoofer only works, if I swap the center and subwoofer in the realtek hd audio manager.
Before I forget it, I'm using Win7 x64, because I want to use the laptop for "old" games.

Thank you in advance