What mini desktop?


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Hi there

Firstly, forgive my stupid questions but I work in software and not IT so am a bit naive/stupid (delete where necessary) when it comes to buying a pc.

I work from home and I would like a mini pc to do my work on. My work is mainly cloud but will need to install Office 365 apps.

I have two monitors, so ideally would like to use the two monitors with the pc, so need the relevant ports for this, together with the usual headphone jack, USB's etc.

I thought I would look myself, but am a little confused about what to buy, so thought I would ask people more experienced than myself.

Finally, I don't want to spend a king's ransom, so something <£350 if possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Pretty much 'any' NUC can meet those requirements, although at that price point you'd probably be checking out the second hand market. New ones can spike up closer to $1000 depending on the hardware you want inside, although new at that your targeted price range is like a celeron/i3.

There's some other comparable products like Gigabyte released a 'Brix' line that's similar, plenty of options to shop around for.

What kind of software work do you do?