£300 Gaming PC?

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by Demo462, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Demo462

    Demo462 New Member

    Hey guys,i want to buy a new computer for playing some games.
    I have £300 for it and i doesn't need a monitor cos i allready have one.
    1280x720....Not the best but i upgrade it soon as possible,but for now thats what i have :)
    Now i have a some plans to start with.
    -I love AMD/Radeon(some of u might not)
    -Sometimes i modell 3d
    -Sometimes i render videos and use photoshop.
    Lets see my idea,if u think something not right in it just corect it please :D
    Note:I don't know how to overclock so please be friendly with motherboard :rolleyes:
    CPU:AMD FX6100/4130/6300
    Motherboard:GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 (rev. 5.0)
    HDD:WD Caviar Blue 1TB 7200rpm 64MB SATA3
    Case:KOLINK CXA-P25-OP
    Power supply:CHIEFTEC iArena 400W GPA-400S
    I am not a fan of theese COD/BF games.
    I want this pc to play some high end graphics MMOs eg:archeage or just to
    play some fun games.Not for to play BF4 Ultra 1080p or whatever :)
  2. spirit

    spirit Moderator Staff Member

    If you can get that lot for £300 then it's good but replace the crappy Chieftec PSU with a Corsair CX 430M and replace the case with a Corsair 200R or a cheap Zalman or something. Try to also get 1600MHz RAM instead of 1333.

    I assume that is pre-built?

    Gaming PCs usually cost a lot more than £300, believe me! £300 is a low budget - usually to the point where you are wasting money buying low-end hardware when if you spent a bit more you'd get much better value for money.
  3. Demo462

    Demo462 New Member

    Ok,thanks :)
    Thats why i spend £300 for it because i am not going to use it for really high end graphics games so this is ok for me :)
    Anyway i am going to do what u said about the case and the power supply and change it.
    Thank u! :)
  4. Cisco001

    Cisco001 Well-Known Member

    Cpu - fx6300

    Case - Fractal Design Core 1000 if you looking for something cheap.
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