$10,000 Workstation Build


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Hi guys, I've just been informed by my dad that he's been told by his accountant that starting from next year he's going to be charged tax on various items (not sure of the ins and outs). He has come up with the idea of PC hardware to sell on so that he has a bit of a buffer for next year when his taxes start to come in.

He thought of buying multiple HDD's and SSD's to sell on but to get to the amount he wants to spend will need to buy multiple of them, and claim them as business expenditure, which isn't viable. He's a CAD worker for Ford using Catia so I've proposed to him that it'd be better to buy a Workstation in parts as that's more viable for his work role.

Anyway, I've not got a clue where to start in the workstation department.

The budget is $10,000 and there are no brand preferences, I need a full build so will need the Following:

Windows 10
Power Supply
Graphics Card
USB Graphics Tablet

I would put a list together myself but I've never even researched the workstation market so have no idea what I'm looking for.

I know some of you guys like speccing machines up, especially expensive ones :p

If you could put together a good workstation machine within the monster budget for me I can then show him and get his thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

Keep in mind i'm in the UK so there is maybe a 5% markup on prices here compared to the US



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Computer components are some of the worst to buy in hopes of reselling later to make money. He'd be much better off buying sale items like camera lenses, as those generally don't depreciate for years. Computer hardware loses it's value really easily, especially if you use it.


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Thanks for the reply Geoff, I don't think I can go down the camera route, as it has to tie in with dads work and the company Krystal Designs (3D modelling)

The parts won't be used at all, purchased and then sold straight on separately


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Maybe if you buy a bunch of brand new Threadripper or Core i9's you could make that money back, but I bet most PC parts would lose value even if still new.