1080p 144Hz/75Hz low input lag and good image quality monitor?


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I'm shopping for a new monitor since the old one is totally rubbish. I'm wondering if anyone knows a good monitor that is 144Hz/75Hz, is 1080p, has good image quality and doesn't have noticeable input lag or ghosting

My budget is around 300-350$ and I don't really care how the monitor looks I just care about the tech that is in it. I will mostly be playing singleplayer games and watch movies so I want colors to not be that bad :/

If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it! :D
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You could easily get a 1440p with that budget and maybe even squeeze a 4K at 60Hz. Look for IPS if you can.


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Lower the graphic effects a bit then. In my opinion going from 1080p to 1440p gives you are greater increase in image quality than going from High settings to Ultra or Medium to High.

Just be aware that if you choose a 1440p monitor you better stick with that resolution in all games.
1440p doesn't downscale well to 1080p. It will look even worse than it would on a native 1080p monitor.
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