+2.5V Rail Running @ 1.14V


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i was just joking man, thus, the big smile at the end of the sentence. i know they're sold to system builders that way. there's this thing called sarcasm. i'm sure they are fine. all 10 of them. ;)


looks good.. i have a 24pin MoBo.. besides it has the extra 4 as an optional snap on or off deal.. looks like lots of plugs in that bad boy.. got everything i need


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looks good.. i have a 24pin MoBo.. besides it has the extra 4 as an optional snap on or off deal.. looks like lots of plugs in that bad boy.. got everything i need
All you really need to look for is decent amps on the 12v rails (which you already checked) and just check into the brand, make sure they make good psu's because the amps can be great but the psu can still end up being horrible when it arrives.


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i will save a bit on the electric bill going a little smaller wont I..

Nope :) The power supply's of a pc are regulated.. it only the ammount drains power from the net the pc needs ( +the power the PSU dissipates as heat ;) ) so the only way to save power, is by getting a good PSU wich doesnt get hot ::eek:


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This is bad right?.. This is a fairly new PSU.. Should it be returned?..[/QUOTE]
The +2.5V rail is just a faulty reading, nothing to worry about there. The +12V rails is more than a touch low, although still well within ATX specs. You wouldn't get a refund on it, but personally i'd upgrade.

[QUOTE]hmm? -12 @-3.64???[/QUOTE]
Another faulty reading. Modern PCs don't use the -12, it will always give strange readings.

[QUOTE]lol..no.. nothing is that hot..dono why it says that[/QUOTE]
A common problem with SpeedFan. Once again, ignore it.

[QUOTE]what should i look for is a PSU?.. i know over 20amp 12volt rail is good[/QUOTE]
A high +12V rail is important, but many budget manufacturers will inflate the ratings. Take a look at PSU101.

[QUOTE]I.. then again, 100 extra watts for $5.. how can i say no.. :-)
The net wattage really means very little. Other factors, such as the +12V rating are really far more important.

[QUOTE]will those watts raise power use.. or is it only sucking the power when its using more?, if it will not raise my bill I will go for the 585 :-)[/QUOTE]
A higher rated unit will not raise your electric bill. A PSU only draws as much power as needed. An inefficient unit, however, will naturally draw more power.

As for a recommendation, the [URL="http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817189003"]XClio 450BL[/URL] is a superb unit. PSU101 has some other great recommendations. Did you have a budget in mind?


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Ignore the 127C and 1C temperatures, they are way off:)

It still is reading low..

I would suggest getting a better power supply, just in case your current one messes up your system.


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On SpeedFan it's saying the the VCore2 is at 1.14V, so i'm not sure about that.

What temp is at 127C? Judging by your CPU fan speed, I sure hope it isnt your CPU temp. =O
Thats a common problem in speedfan, its nothing to worry about.


ahhhhh.. I usually keep it off.. but i just had to do a cmos reset after a bad bios update.. i need to turn that off!.. thanks.. i will turn it off and check it when i get home.. thanks


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Maybe, I guess if he hasn't changed any voltages. Lord of the Ming's 3200+ is running at 1.050v and it is stable..
Oh why oh why, if you can run stable that far under stock volts its gonna overclock like a dream at least for a bit on stock volts. What a waste of cpu power :p