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Hello fellas. I'm looking to build a brand new PC. My wife damaged my monitor and I bought a 4k Samsung Q7OR TV. So I can't have a weak video card. Must be 4k and future proof. I'm thinking of getting RTX 2080 super. My question is what ram CPU and mobo should I buy??? They say 9900k is the best but it gets only like 5 frames than the 2nd best cpu which costs less. So basically I want the highest 4k gaming frames but for descent price. Thanks.


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Your GPU is going to make more a difference at higher resolution, a few frames for a price jump on the CPU is just a matter of whether or not it's worth it to you. Usually not as more on the GPU is more beneficial.
You will need a good CPU to drive a 2080 super at 4k and be future proofed, last thing you want is to be CPU bottlenecked TRUST me-it sucks
Intel's 9900k are good but far from the only option, AMD has killer CPUs like the Ryzen 9 3900x and the Threadripper series in that department
I'd advise you to check out both brands lineups and check how they do when paired with a 2080 super
Your mobo will depend on what cpu you choose as they can only run off one of them (they only have Intel or AMD socket)
32GBs of ram minimum would be future proof (though you could very much get away with 16 for now and upgrade later)


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I have had a 4k panel since 2012, in my experience gaming performance is going to depend heavily on the gpu, the cpu is only required to run the game and deliver at least 60fps for your 60hz panel.

In 2012 I used a 3770k and now I'm using a 8700k, which is still today a very fast gaming cpu and both run 5700 xt's. In the vast majority of of games I wouldn't notice between the two, the gpu is the bottleneck in both systems as even the old 3770k is good enough to push the card at 4k. If you had a high hz monitor 120+ at around 1080p then this would be a different story, you would need a strong cpu to deliver the data the gpu needed to achieve higher frame rates.

Any decent new cpu from intel or amd will do the job, go for the one that offers you the best bang for your buck, buying a more expensive slightly faster cpu will likely only make a slight difference in cpu demanding titles, hopefully with a decent new cpu this shouldn't be a problem for a few years.